Phoenix Software/Digital advisor to Forex Trade, eCommerce/Trade Advisory Services, Fintech Consulting, Blockchain.Crypto Consulting

Why Choose Us?

Since its inception in 2007, we are one of the foremost-dedicated digital specialists in the region.

Based in Dubai, UAE, we worked with international firms & events, agencies, multinational and regional brands.

With dedicated and independent team of professionals, delivered 300+ successful projects in last 10 years.

We retain strong relationship with our partners, project collaborators and clients. We believe that mutual understanding delivers the best results for any project.

What we do

Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain technologies present opportunities for disruptive innovation. It enables global business transactions with less friction and more trust. We help clients to develop and implement blockchain based applications, API Customization, User Experience & Interface for Blockchain based Apps, Crypto-authentication/validation functionalities

Forex Trade - Trend analysis software

Phoenix Elite Trend analysis software is the foremost and premium class analysis tool. It incorporates a proven trading signal underpinned by a unique blend of trading screens, indicators, filters, Algorithms. It works well in Desktop and Smart phones.

Digital Transformation

The right technology makes processes easier and businesses stronger. As a platform-neutral digital agency, we assess and understand your needs and suggest a solution that’s best for your business and long-term aspirations. Few areas we focus are Blockchain Applications and Solutions, Digital Content Archiving Solutions, Payment Gateway and eCommerce Solutions.

Fintech Events & Content Creation

We specialise in representing finacial, forex, commodity trade related events. We also provide expert local or regional representation for international firms. We help organisations to establish MENA entity and continuos support for implementing brand strategy and servicesfrom a regional perspective. Creating new or expanding a brand with regional focus(mainly MENA region) requires new thinking and fresh approach. We have associate with business consultants, finacial experts, govt and regional frameworks.

Live Trends

Technical analysis is not just science but art of human judgement with the help of science. Our trend analysis system predicts trends before they happen and help us to gain access to a proven and unique blend of trading screen, indicators, filters and Algorithms.

Consultancy & Training

We provide personalised and customised training for Forex Trade, Commodities, Stocks and Indices. Fintech focussed Seminars and Workshops are designed to help you understand the potential and maximise profits, minimise risk from any trade. They can prove valuable independently or as part of a new program or technology based organizational transformation.