Mobile Apps Platforms

Mobile Apps Platforms

Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP), as the name suggests, provides development tools and frameworks for building Business-to-Employee (B2E) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) mobile applications. In addition to providing the tools, these platforms also provide middleware servers to connect and synchronize the data with the back end systems, eliminates the duplicate work by allowing business logic to be written and maintained in one place.

Mobile application development is more important to the enterprise than ever before. Development organizations are increasingly looking for a Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) that can support their needs for both current and future projects. It's a broad field and vendors offer a wide array of capabilities.

We believe that mobile application development platforms can bring significant advantages to companies because it can increase the speed of mobile app development for all platforms, provide a robust security framework, enable data connectivity through mobile middleware, and provide management and reporting capabilities.

Mobile business intelligence (BI) has quickly emerged as an easy way to provide real-time sales, revenue and customer data in dashboards small enough to fit on an employee's tablet or Smartphone screen. With this information, employees can make more informed decisions on the fly, which will ultimately help a company improve the bottom line as well as productivity. These 10 mobile BI applications will keep employees connected to Cognos, Business Objects, Sales force, Microsoft Reporting Services and other business intelligence suites.

Whether on the road or in a conference room with a large LED display, the Micro Strategy Mobile App Platform, a mobile version of the company's client app, delivers dashboards by mobilizing business intelligence.  The app provides interactive scorecards and the capability to use the iOS app Airplay to present and control visualized data onto a TV. Micro Strategy also includes transactional apps; these provide real-time interactions designed to trigger business processes in an internal system. Micro Strategy Mobile differentiates itself from other mobile BI tools with its support for multi-language content, offline analysis capabilities, and customized alerts that use Push notifications when specific thresholds or criteria have been met.

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